new solo album in the works

I recently wrote eight new songs for a planned brand new solo album. “Nighttime” is one of them. I recorded some no-fi demos on my laptop and am currently polishing the lyrics and melodies. My intent is to record the material live. Here are the lyrics (I’ve written the chorus after recording the first version, so the chorus you’ll actually hear is improvised doggerel) and this rough no-fi demo for “Nighttime” captured yesterday. The album will be set in a post-apocalyptic scenario and most of the lyrics (except “Nighttime”) are about the post space age/atom age future.  Straight from the notebook, I hope you enjoy!


Wild storms in your body this night
Watching all your world falling down from your hands
To this world of mine
Silence is growing here
We’re falling into the wells of time, nighttime coming
Holding hands we cry

Nighttime, it gets all of our best time
Draws on the last line
Crowds the neon sea
Nighttime, I never wanted this bright light
But it’s coming on tonight
And you’re going to see

Wait there, and I’ll come in your sleep
Stalking in between your legs and waiting
For your drops of rain
Tell me, what’s that spell that you got
I praise you with all the might that I got
Here in my magician’s heart

Nighttime, falling from daytime
Makes no use of the bright time
Uses all of our spare time
Nighttime, I never wanted this bright light
But it’s falling on daylight
And it’s drifting on till you see

Yes I think you’re so rare
Girl, you’re so rare