“Eden Full of Sore”

3I am currently working on a brand new solo album called “Eden Full of Sore”. It should satisfy everyone who enjoyed 2014s “Stoned Gypsy Wanderer”, and 2015s “Hall of the Menthol Chill”. Album artwork will be provided by the amazing Justin Jackley. The album will consist of improvised songs. I recorded 3 tracks already, including my poetry-based “Bea” and “White Night Summer”. In “X-Berg (One Rhythm)” i move into electronic noise territory with heavily reverbed vocals, manic drum machines and noise guitars. I am slowly departing from my debut album (2011s “Second Hand Man”) as far as I can as the years go by, but at the same time turning full circle to my poetic roots, namely my literary debut, “Siva in Rags” (2008), and to my dada folk experiments. The album will provide nice acid trips for everyone (or bad trips, music is supposed to be dangerous…). Thank you!