A.J. Kaufmann: The Bard of Poznan

Gloom Cupboard

We last chewed the fat in June 2008 . What have you been up to since then?

Well, first of all I’ve had two more chapbooks published with Kendra Steiner Edtions, “Antiquewhite Rain” inspired by the German rocker Inga Rumpf and “Symbolisme Psychedelique”, dedicated to Sky Sunlight Saxon, who sadly passed away this June… both chapbooks are very musical, but also draw heavily from various cut-up techniques… I’ve tried painting with words the way Jean Michel Basquiat did with his graffiti early on… you know, SAMO and all that stuff… I got obsessed with Basquiat at one point in my life… I’ve been to Paris and Morocco, I lived at Rue Beautreillis for a while, right after moving from Kreuzberg, Berlin and now I live in Poland again, at the very same apartment where my first poems were written. I finally got my music published, my new CD is titled…

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