Psychedelic Lollipops

Psychedelic Lollipops

I cut past the jukebox
& check the tapes
from my teenage holidays
F# D A G#
on a napkin

the mason’s busy
w/ tinsel rainbows
whistling away night’s complexity
over a sad minor riff

harmonica wail blocks down
haunts the elevator
someone pawned my fingers
& climbed the narchaotic stair to wisdom
(Africa’s lion hole)

she said
my typewriter’s a bitch
„keep molesting her, she
deserves it”

there won’t be friends arriving
there won’t be
happy birthdays
will there be peace?
doubtly so, but daughter of the street
weep elsewhere

there is room for star-reflective dresses
mirror shoes
& vagabond blankets
& that sad minor riff
somehow lifts off in space
like psychedelic music
for groove cats
dub karma

time, in time time will be

& then you’ll trip elsewhere

time will be sweet forget
& psychedelic lollipops
falling from the radioactive sky