Krautrock’s My Second Name (Signal) by A.J. Kaufmann

In Between Hangovers

Birth Control
on the radio
fresh waves of subterranean sanity
drill away the
last bit of brain

watching „Rebirth of Germany”
bicycling away
from the map

I start thinking Berlin & its history
how it got there
what ruined this sun of a city

something drops off
was it my leg? mirror blankets
the snowman
walks off
into the cube
now, that’s my TV set

snow outside in June, snow inside on my carpet
marks of giant feet
burroughsing the fridge away
that must be the bubble man
waiting for admission

plug in your ear remote
starts at seven

the show starts at never
please prepare your seats
& sell the rockets back home
nobody needs them now
that krautrock’s
my second name
Nepal wants my
grows a fin
fucks mountains

white noise follows
infinity repeats the

A.J. Kaufmann A.J. Kaufmann is a modern Polish…

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