“Hotel Valenthyne”

“Hotel Valenthyne” is a crazy psychedelic folk noise sci-fi concept-album about the titular cosmic asylum for veterans of all kinds of wars. In the titular single, we meet Zygmunt, our main hero, the Polish pilot famous for shooting down third reich airplanes over England, who happens to be a lousy guitar player addicted to cocaine and Laura – “Luftwaffe’s Long-Legged Pride” – famous for flying third reich saucers over Atlantis (Antarctica), and being the reich’s ultimate pin up. We also meet Anatoli, the chain-smoking Russian, a constantly coughing hero of the Soviet space programme, famous for being the only lost cosmonaut to return from behind Saturn, now daydreaming in his wheelchair about WWIII, reminiscing Stalin and the rise of his communist empire. In other songs we will meet a British pilot and French partisan mentioned (along with their friends) in the last verse.

The b-side, “Hospital Jet Crew”, is a bleak song about the doctors and nurses of Hotel Valenthyne – both a curse and a blessing. Hallucinations appear and disappear in Zygmunt’s mind as he walks the perfectly white corridors of kosmische oblivion.

Sonically, the album continues where “Kaufi” (2014), and “Calvert Avenue” (2016) leave off. A wall of psychedelic folk noise embraces the warm ears and leaves them where the future music forgot. The album is currently a work in progress, the artwork is a temporary collage, and this first single is purely unofficial. I hope things progress from here, and that the album will see a physical release. Thank you for your support! In 2018 it will be 10 years since I write poetry and make music, but only now it is time for teenage dreams to fulfill.