“Russian Blocks in the Middle of Nowhere”

“Russian Blocks in the Middle of Nowhere”
by Adam Jan Kaufmann, 2018.

office pop diggin’ erect
dancing on a comet –
dust tentacles glitter
pale lobotomy & acid, sucker
motor depressive sunrays
on my wings;
Marlboro pigeons crashing through the window
that’s another listen
to dry hippy radio, 10 A.M. and he already needs beer…
what kind of a friend are you, pal?
“just lost” – it often happens to my pictures:
secretary heels
and soldiers of the starfield

blood parasites of the underground
Guiness drunk cars
crash into evening rascals
on hate asphalt sounds – you’re ugly,
my pretty land
no matter how much you’ll shapeshift
all your lights early
now matter how you soda
that Christmas tree
or kick those crashing

I imagine puppies
& Ian Curtis
his dolls and devils song
plugging god – one wisdom,
& vision – & other
warm helmet creatures
but then travel to the countryside –
in a vaseline jacket
& forget the shrieking
of blocks