“This Place is Full of Crosses”

“This Place is Full of Crosses”
by Adam Jan Kaufmann, 2018.

wait, babe
I never carried crosses
unless ’twas the Southern Cross
light & light years ago
sowing humanity
on corporations’ planets
singing “Life Child”
to accompany the King
realising later
he was just a

in the observatory
babe sips coffee
directs her sight to planes
& bells of Polish churches
it’s late
I’m not gonna stay here
I’ll light a cigarette in the morning
& wait
wait for
full of promise

cross me farewell
there’s a whole lotta old farts in the observatory
tramps of nebulae
cripples of twilight
who knows how to play
they know how to
pay – still
nobody’s gonna tell you
where the dawn sky ends
& where
we really live

-what a mess-

you can buy another beer
feed my friends
gather the harvest of parking metres

or wait
before a priest pops up
to bury you with the weed
of all his children’s