“Big Beat Heart”

“Big Beat Heart”
by Adam Jan Kaufmann, 2018.

some vile movies
poor quality tapes
ripped from the head of the paradox
they fill a jug of Polish flowers
Polish bells
& big beat
(some famous people drank from these jugs,
big beat)

you buy memories, that’s easy
or a future
only that the prominent currency of fashion
does not apply
to soldiers of

battlefields full of trade
trade full of plastic
plastic full of oceans
I found a deserted island – see, there you have it!
another galactic supermarket

I hide in cosmic fantasy
escape into a
cosmic fantasy
the only women I loved, they
they are so stoned
that they do not distinguish between the strut & the spin
of dawn flavor
(hippie memories, scant scat of stoned stairwells)

vault dogs are lying somewhere
it’s hot
the heat rips off my scalp
puts on a student’s hat;
fool’s cap
I wonder where I drank beer
& whether it is good to drink this early

I forgot German lessons
piano lessons
savoir vivre lessons
but I’m not getting away from the teachers
stereotypes of rock kid in ruin
dying, choking, splitting
new walls of the city

teachers in ruin
forgot the big beat heart