A.J. Kaufmann’s Chapbooks in Jason Behrends’ review, 2008-2010.

Huxley Invisible

A.J. Kaufmann New Architecture (New Polish Beat, May 2009)

“The future looks bleak”

True, staring at the expanse of all that surrounds and engulfs what once was fields and forests it can look bleak. However, I just can’t bring myself to embrace that mentality. The latest collection from AJ Kaufmann is littered with words like upheaval, facade, colonnades, and so on. On the surface it appears that it is the structures that are affecting his outlook and ultimately his future, but the reality is that it is something deeper and more profound. “Where your tangible feet falter/To stand”, it isn’t that the architecture effects the outcome of our lives, but it is the fact that we are tangible and meaningful structures in our own right. It is in that distinction that the friction lays.

Kaufmann presents eight powerful pieces in an attempt to break down this physical walls and doorways…

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