A.J. Kaufmann – Poems from Lit Up Magazine, May 2012, October 2009.

Huxley Invisible

11111179_602986699832250_3031723504452168775_n“The young and the hip”

The young and the hip give thanks
to bungalow hosts
party pigs
lipstick leather belts
vomiting dawn on the world
reaching out
for another bottle of whisky
give thanks
to the wind that shakes fragile bodies
exposed to sun and moon
writing in tribal riddles
dressing in contours of sleep
furious, young
setting sails on sundown
drifting with sunrise, hooray!
screams of birds impale us
pirates execute us
sing us songs
written back when
the world was fourteen
give thanks
to the idol totem
thin on the TV screen
high on milk and vegetable shakes
when we were drunk on beer
cheap intents
& guardians
give thanks
cause we were there
for them

The Desperate Land

death is victory
pallid winds of petals
statues, blind & cruel
close to voice
within vapor
bare broken lamps
mute dusty
veils of marble

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