3 new poems.


built us
a frequency bed
Blake – a garden
in 77 days
our nymph bought wine
& Rimbaud planted the dawn
in twelve wonderful moves

& he stood there, in new
he disappeared
when you sighed
then the pond filled with honey
and a monastery or castle, whatever
walls in the fading dawn
like wings of butterflies
they trembled in the morning breeze


I have countless combinations
bridgeheads that I know well
I have twisted fascinations
structures without structures

I have all the clouds of connotation
coils of words and strands of colors
I have vibrating combinations
cliffs of clouds and slopes

I have observation tangle
I have entire movies of quiet cities
I have plasma derivatives
I have a lot of sea larvae

I have meandering unions
streamers of blank pages
cancerous I have close-ups
cold electric fuse

A Day Like Wings

A day like wings
veils of clouds, morning smoke
actor, cigarette and coffee
then a table, then gin
stay with him

and one more after that
Ennio will show us the movie
funny evening spleen
thin, crumpled wallets
go with him …

the arteries of the mind will explode
Thirteen is different roads
things are only things
you know the periphery – you have a key
Y-X and now.