Recent poetic sketches.

Heard at the bottom of the glass

Moon reflected
in the bottom of the glass
bourbon, bourbon shined
a band of idiots began to play
and then she came…

and nothing was important anymore
when she started talking
the only thing I want
it never gets boring
I want to make fireworks
sparkling in the sky
and I want to be like snow
which melts away slowly
and be like the greatest flame
which extinguishes the fastest…

oh, she said, I despise
ordinary people
when they talk about everything and nothing
they’re fucking boring
the beauty of silence is alien to them…
sometimes it is ugliness…

I said, “Honey, after all
right now you are doing what they do
you speak and speak and speak
I am still waiting for the flame… ”

the lips shone like the moon
lost in a bourbon background
why the most wonderful people
have it so rough in life
– They do not belong to this world…
– So what… I know…

then everything stopped dead
people, chairs, lamps
embarrassed by the brightness
and so far from the truth
these are just names, names, names…
be a flame, snow
bird, sky
be anything that is not anyone


Cool breeze sometimes
raises my eyes somewhere
where the roofs end and the dark begins
antennas tremble in the wind, night fast current
smoke from her cigarette
stardust from her hands

Cool nights sometimes
raise my eyes somewhere
I do not look at sweet eyes, I do not feel nervous hands
I do not look through the smoke in her restless face
I do not hear pale thoughts,
bland angelic phrases


There are days like that and some more
similar to vodka
and quiet
there are even nights and these and those
the latter are hungry and flaccid
and weird

There are still stars and here and there
those are wonderful there, but they are wilted
those here – crazy
there are still clouds and here and there
those are there, pinnate but muddy
those here – festive

There are days and others still quite
similar to wine
and empty
there are still nights, I do not want this one anymore
I want this, though because I have to

There are days like that and some more
similar to wine
and there are days and I love those
dinner, walk, cinema