“Pilzmusik” by Säure Adler out now on Aumega Project!

Säure Adler Free Arts Lab

A year after “The Aumega Sessions” Säure Adler returns to Aumega Project with a brand new release, “Pilzmusik”, recorded live in session at Via Kosmische August-December 2018 during the “Musik” sessions celebrating 50 years of krautrock. “Pilzmusik” is the current sonic direction of the kosmische punk duo, merging the inspirations of AR & Machines, Amon Duul, Hawkwind, and early Tangerine Dream into free-flowing, never ending mushroom music for mushroom people. The album selects cuts from the original continous Fabric of Sound that we are still weaving as you’re listening. One Music, One Universe, One Soul.

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