11029931_542726635875083_6748004893260916847_nAlready called a Polish icon of lo-fi songwriting in his native country, the poet, songwriter and musician, A.J. Kaufmann appeared on the international scene back in June 2008 with a well-received collection of cutting-edge verse titled “Siva in Rags” (published by Kendra Steiner Editions, USA). A.J. works with this well-respected micro-press up to this day. In October 2011, his first album, “Second Hand Man”, appeared on the Polish music market, released both on CD and vinyl, to critical acclaim of the local art-rock circles, but to little commercial success. It was distributed by Rock-Serwis among others. Between 2011-2014 A.J. was busy home-recording, and publishing further poetry chapbooks with his Texan friends, which remains his favorite activity still. In October 2014, his second physical album, “Stoned Gypsy Wanderer”, was released in the USA (CD-R, Kendra Steiner Editions), a continuation of the psychedelic spirit of groups such as The 13th Floor Elevators, The Seeds, or Ya Ho Wha 13, and krautrock, but served in a modern, forward-thinking and sounding way. It was very well received critically in the USA, France, and Germany, especially at Aural Innovations, which remains A.J.’s favorite source of space rock exploration on the web, and received some airplay in the mentioned countries. Compared for example to the work of Julian Cope, the album is A.J.’s lo-fi trip into the 60s, his favorite period in music. Many more digital albums, both new, and collections of archived material followed. It’s especially worth to mention “Kaufi” (a trip to the author’s songwriting roots) and “Hall of the Menthol Chill” (A.J.’s first concept album) among others. Since his 2009’s post-beat poetry chapbook “Broke Nuptial Minds” (Virgogray Press, USA), A.J. Kaufmann works with a talented painter and graphic artist from Texas, Mr. Justin Jackley. He is kind enough to provide graphic support for A.J.’s wildest ideas, both text and audio. In 2012, A.J. founded Sauer Adler, a lo-fi space-rock project, which now works from Poznan, Poland and Munich, Germany and features the talents of Radu Rusanu, a young musician inspired by krautrock and experimental music. Currently, there are 13 collections of Sauer Adler/Sauer Adler-related recordings on the project’s bandcamp, and the Adler is now working hard on an album called “Polish Tribal Music” to be released early 2017. The current band logo was designed by Justin Jackley. A.J. Kaufmann’s third full-length physical album, “Calvert Avenue”, should appear sometime in 2017. A.J. is most proud of his place in both an anthology dedicated to Lou Reed (“Polymorphous Urban: Poems for Lou Reed”, Kendra Steiner Editions, USA, 2014), and an anthology dedicated to Arthur Rimbaud (“Fierce Invalids”, Blind Dog Press, Australia, 2014), where he shares printing space not only with William S. Burroughs and Gregory Corso, but also with some of the best modern poets currently around.

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