Black Holes Are Here

“In every memory there’s a frame”.

The album cover is from a really -heavy- theater/performance project from 2010, that touched upon mental health institutions and modern society. It was called “human/exhibition”. Basically, we turned Adam into an exhibition. Not necessary atrocious, more fabuloucious, and we even had sexy nurses cut his hair like he was a real -patient-!

Then, Artaud.


1. “Bokonon”.
Adam is an avid Kurt Vonnegut reader – he even read books that Vonnegut himself forgot he wrote. He once said that in the great show of life, were he to choose between the prophet and dictator, prophet is funkier. Like Rasputin, or somebody. So, he wrote this one about coming home, and finding a German mental asylum instead. And doctor booty.

7. “Sunrise in the Burning Valley”.
Another one of Adam’s hippie dreams, this one drifts across your ears like a summer cloud. With lyrics written in the year 2000, this is one of his oldest lyrical ideas. The music follows the “Distant Clusters” (from “Alpha Persei”) pattern.

6. “Sullen Sea”.
Or how to manifest your inner Ian Curtis/Jim Morrison in 3 easy steps. Step one: write a slow song about sea and screaming horses, step two: record vocals under the shower, step three: add piano. Voila.

2. “Pale Moon St.”.
Based upon an old poem idea, with added latino/circus music. We like latino music and circuses a lot, especially the TV circus, filled with celebrities and politicians.

9. “Poised and Ready”.
Adam likes fashion, and his hobbys include dating aspiring models when I’m not watching. This is about a fashion show we both attended in early 2015. Full of bubblegum plasticity.

“Schwarzwald Boogie”. (from the same sessions, to be found on “Instrumentals”)
An instrumental track “straight outta Schwarzwald”.

“Android”. (from the same sessions, to be found on the “r’/,f” EP, Labela, 2016)
Adam’s tribute to Robert Calvert, one of his favorite performers and poets. First recorded with Sauer Adler back in 2013, this solo version is closer to Adam’s vision of the tune.

3. “Clear Blue Sky”.
Another one that Adam wrote as a kid. He had this project with his friend called Strange World (Brain Salad), recording tapes in a high rise block, jamming all the summers away (well, not really, only the 2000-2004 ones). “Clear Blue Sky” is basically what every child wants when raised in a concrete environment filled with ex-officers and ex-policemen.

8. “A Fairytale (We Still Believe in Humanity)”
Well, he used to do. Now it’s high heels and Autobahn, so, forget it!

4. “In Yellow (A-Tonal Edit)”
“Baby, I can’t sing that one, and it’s the 3rd time I try!”
“So shit on it, I’ll put it through a ring modulator app or something later.”

5. “The Story of I&A”
This was not a love song. Now it is. We hope they never film this story though, there are enough of superheroes and supermodels around anyway, aren’t there?

“Phallic Interceptor” (from the same sessions, to be found on “Instrumentals”)
“What? He said he’s what?”
“Polish penetrator”
“Oh I’ll penetrate him at home.”
-2 weeks later-
“Honey, you’ve been intercepted!”

Text by Izabella Schoener.