*ten mikropamiętniczek odnosi się obecnie do nagrań znajdujących się na płycie “TN-237m”. Pod adresem podanym poniżej znajduje się zupełnie inna płyta. Stan na 2016.

“Meow!” („Miau!”)

Hello, Doctor Cosmonaut here. „Meow!” will be my 3rd physical album, after 2011’s „Second Hand Man” (LP, CD, Mimics Cool, Poland) and 2014’s „Stoned Gypsy Wanderer” (CD-R, Kendra Steiner Editions, USA).

Thanks to life and life only I made 3 very important discoveries this year:
a) Lana del Rey b) smartphones c) I love Lou Reed.

No, wait, that’s 4.
d) Instagram

So, listening to music while mobile (like a Mobile Gypsy), I started going back to the music I loved as a kid: Nirvana, The Velvet Underground, Beat Happening, Hawkwind, Amon Duul II, Black Sabbath, and so on. I even flew to London to see Amon Duul II live and thanks to Renate Knaup’s immeasurable kindness I got backstage and had a chance to chat with older, wiser, more experienced and talented people, that have been my inspirations since I can remember music – including two of my favorite guitar players. So go see the band live in 2015.
In London, I met some amazing people in Shoreditch, and after my return, I started experimenting more bravely, though by bravely I mean a) more humor b) bigger distance c) no, that was my last fuck to give.
It paid off. Oh, OK, I still have no budget available. Except for kefir.

„Meow!” already sounds like my best album, because it’s different. You won’t hear anyone in Poland playing like this. You won’t hear anyone in Poland singing like this. And you won’t find anyone in Poland writing like this. That’s a fact, and if you rely on the www, google the hell out of my name, cause there’s a lot you apparently missed or I missed you and we should connect. Thank you, more updates soon!

On the day when Waterloo railway station in London opened, we give you… Shatterloo.

Finally, an update! I have demoed two new songs: “Be Right Back”, as in I’m damn busy man, and “Turnmoil”, as in turns. Had fun, now I’m listening to that Twiggy album, and some Hildegard Knef. Not necessarily lo-fi, punk, or grunge, but hey, labels are passé anyway, aren’t they? And good music is timeless. Cheerios!

We start our work at 6 A.M., like every decent citizen should on Monday, and we cut demos. Today, it was “Sun Presence” day, in memory of the lunar eclipse we watched at night. The moon looked great, however, it was the night sky that stole the show if you ask me. The song, like the album itself, is strongly rooted in the DIY tape culture, and the sound of the demo reflects that. Hopefully, the finished track will work well too. Cheerios!

Today we bought cigars, records, did nails, and cut 2 demos: “The Lonely Kaiser” and “Placenta of Stars”. I had lots of fun recording, especially playing bass again. I use Luna 2 for the demos. Its characteristics give an unique quality to the aesthetic I aim for in my work all the time, but especially here. I also had yerba mate again, and its health benefits are indeed smashing. Cheerios!

Today Adam is recording “Poppy Love”, which was originally a ballad, here he is with his favorite electric guitar in studio. Cheerios!
For recording we use a Gibson SG ’61 Reissue + Hamer DuoTone electric guitars, and a Defil Luna 2 bass guitar. For vocals we use Shure SM58 stage mic. Yes, we are weird, but at least it feels live and sounds like that, and there is no pressure since everything feels like a rehearsal.

What we are reading?
Alexander Pushkin – Selected Poems.
Maria Bellonci – Lucrezia Borgia.
Honore d’Urfe – L’Astree.

What we are listening to?
Polish music: Izrael, Wszystkie Wschody Slonca, Bakshish, Czarnobyl Zdroj.

What we are doing except recording?
Walking around Poznan, visiting places, preparing for another trip.

What’s next?
Well, there is apparently material enough for the album right now, but Adam wants to work on “Drown”, which is an old song of his. He wants to do that on Sunday… my goodness!

Current obsession: Nirvana – “In Utero”… I tell the artist he’s not in high school again, but then he sings “School”. No recess – welcome to an artist’s life!

We have decided to release the demos as album proper. So what? Enjoy.


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