“A.J. knows his Rimbaud, his jazz, blues and beatnik roots, and what really brings poetry and Rock N Roll into its greatest unholy union of mediums. His work, primarily acoustic and electric guitars, synths, and 60’s rock Allman/ Doors/ Steely Dan keys, along with a healthy respect for the 50’s jazz singer torch-song are reminiscent of early Tom Waits or Warren Zevon, forgetting the fact that A.J. has a high tenor but mines very similar lyrical terrain, mixed like crystal meth with the classic rock of The Doors especially, but also the folksiness of not a Dylan but a Guthrie – a man of the streets and not hiding behind any shades. A.J. doesn’t mince words – when you hear Stoned Gypsy Wanderer, you are hearing directly from the horse’s mouth. He was and is The Wanderer.” (Mike Brennan, author “A Petal Under Pavement”, “Postcards from Exile”)

“Poland’s A.J. Kaufmann is a young poet who has found meaning and life in the attitude (or ‘beatitude’) and flow of the beats poets. It is not that he is writing in this form (or that there is a form for that era), but his frantic pace and short phrasing and subject matter tend to following in that certain pattern. Yet, he is using this understanding to expand his voice really deliver a fantastic debut chapbook, Siva in Rags. Aside from his own work A.J. has also created an on-line lit journal, Eviscerator Heaven, focusing on the best in modern poetry. He is carving out a path and style and and attitude that is both unique and insightful, and inviting others to join in.” (Jason Behrends, What To Wear During An Orange Alert?, 2008/07/10)

“A.J. Kaufmann is a romantic in the best sense, a man who runs on the freewheeling spirit of beatific ghosts, Krautrock rhythms and the howling wolves of Poznan.” (Richard Wink, Horror Sleaze Trash, 2011/07/09)

“A.J. Kaufmann carves a raw, highly contemporary vision where the external environment and outer-sense of travelling parallel a deep, interior exploration of the ‘terra incognito’ of the human psyche. Swooping from love, sex, jazz and mortality this plunges into the corners of the darkest, seediest bars then back again. A true ‘rock and roll’ Poet.” (A.D. Hitchin, author “The Holy Hermaphrodite”)

“Nobody exemplifies the KSE aesthetic better than A.J. Kaufmann: he is rooted in Beat poetry and psychedelia, he knows the important avant-garde traditions of the last 150 years, he reflects the particulars of his culture/region (and also such important areas for him such as Berlin and Paris), and he takes those elements and creates 100% original work from them, work that apes no one else’s work and that has a form and a feel all his own. Yes, his work can be surreal; it can have the post-Rimbaud rock’n’roll decadence of a Leonard Cohen or a Syd Barrett or a Jim Morrison; it can have a psychedelic spiritual exuberance in the tradition of Roky Erickson/Tommy Hall or of Sky Sunlight Saxon. But it’s always 100 % A. J. Kaufmann. Having worked with the man on three collaborative chapbooks, and a fourth chapbook that was a joint work but one where we both worked from similar prompts, I can testify to his amazing imagination, his devotion to craft, and his dedicated work ethic, even while living a lifestyle that would kill or sideline a lesser man.” (Bill Shute, editor/publisher Kendra Steiner Editions)

“Mr. Kaufmann takes his readers through Morrisonesque musings that turn innocence into stone; hard reality with a rawness and tangibility that only this Polish Bard can command.” (Michael Aaron Casares, editor/publisher Virgogray Press)

“In the ten pages of Cellos et Ghosts, the poems are really more like songs that sound as if they could have been penned by a more world weary and heartbroken Robert Hunter.” (Paul Corman-Roberts, author “Coming World/Gone World”)

“The man, the mind, crescendos and climaxes in a meticulous meltdown of our complex multi-layered staggering cultures. He attacks the pages as if they were holding back the answers. He delineates the loves, the failures, the endless pursuit for meaning, the windows, closed, soaped, broken, or shuttered, offering glimpses into a brain who observes, embraces the all and the most infinitesimal detail at once. That’s one of this man’s gifts, this streetwise philosopher, this distiller of every nuance from many many corners of the world, this chronicler of the disenfranchised, the seeking, the stumbling, who crawl on their knees in a quest for answers.” (Gail Gray, editor/publisher, Shadow Archer Press)


“I think talking about poetry is bullshit… living poetry is just so much better…” (Gloom Cupboard, 2009/09/04)

“I don’t write to become famous or escape from my block. I write to change my block, the district, the city – to make it a colorful, friendly place.” (FlexWriters Magazine, 2010/02/08)

“In the studio all your imperfections show through. No other way to deal with them but turn them to weapons.” (2011)

“I might be a nobody from nowhere, but I’m doing more than most of the somebodies from somewhere.” (2012)

“Music is the shaman of my underpants.” (2014)

“I don’t make great things. I make small products.” (2014)

“Hello, Jello, rock’n’roll cello!” (2015)