I’m Already Not Here

imalreadynothereI’m Already Not Here
by A. J. Kaufmann
February 14 2009

Berlin Germany, Born in Poznan, Poland, named The Bard of Poznan, A.J. takes the reader on a street tour of Europe, jazz, relationships, life, death, from the bars to the gutter. With his pinpoint imagery, apt observations on the human condition, he snaps from pathos to snarl. Kaufmann is rapidly becoming on of the most sought after poets as his chapbooks are published all over the world. Beat, surreal, hard to pinpoint, he carves his own place in contemporary poetry. A.J. is prolific, awakening the minds of his readers, leaving sparks and cinders, and a trail of poetry addicts as readers clamour for more of his cut up viewpoints. 15 poems, 44 pages Cover photo by A.J. Kaufmann.

Signed, numbered limited edition.

More than 56 pages, 14 poems, 9 color and black and white photos, as well as interviews with Gloom Cupboard and What To Wear During An Orange Alert!

$6.95 US and Canada
$9.95 international

“The most significant dismantling of the senses since the fall of the Berlin Wall.”
— Richard Wink/Editor, Gloom Cupboard

“A.J. Kaufmann carves a raw, highly contemporary vision where the external environment and outer-sense of travelling parallel a deep, interior exploration of the ‘terra incognito’ of the human psyche. Swooping from love, sex, jazz and mortality this plunges into the corners of the darkest, seediest bars then back again. A blistering collection from a true ‘rock and roll’ Poet.”
— A.D.Hitchin, editor Eviscerator Heaven, author of The Holy Hermaphrodite

“I’m Already Not Here, a poetic romp through the conscious streams of a young poet. Mr. Kaufmann takes his readers through Morrisonesque musings that turn innocence into stone; hard reality with a rawness and tangibility that only this Polish Bard can command. Awesome!”
–Michael Aaron Casares, editor/publisher Virgogray Press, author of The Terroist and Ghost Roads

“A little Miles Davis feel…sustained intensity.”
— Yvon Cormier

“124,548 reasons to smile a watermelon batch in your cherry tooth.”
— Ray Swaney